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Chace Crawford Busted For Pot

He finally became just like Nate Archibald in books...
I have a question.
Is this a serious crime possesioning of marijuana?
I'm not an american so I don't really know how serious it is.


I finally saw this finale! OMG IT WAS THE BEST!!
I can't believe they made this episode!
Well actually I was disappointed at this show recently for many reasons like slow development.. and I saw the dejavu of LOST at that time. But there's old saying Practice makes perfect!! THEY MADE IT. It was the best episode ever!! I can't wait to see the next season. (sorry for bad English though, It's not my first language ioi)

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AUG 18 SET PHOTOS: Serena & dun dun dun (Spoilers)

Wasn't he already on set shooting yesterday (17th Aug)? the one where Blake is shooting in the park with Leighton and the new minions...

the man carrying a backpack?

no, he was not sam page. I think he is one of the staff or just a passerby :)

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AUG 18 SET PHOTOS: Serena & dun dun dun (Spoilers)

I heard he's gonna stay for 4 episodes.

and there will be some problems.. I'm not sure what it is

but maybe he couldn't stand S. & Co.'s collegiate life or something.

I'm a fan of serena but I think 3rd man is not a good idea because she's not a person like nate. I mean I'm not sure she can stay with nate or dan when the othere guy is involved. But on the other hand it's fair to has new love interest with serena and blair like chuck and nate.

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Last Tango, Then Paris [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)


I can't believe Serenate were seperated......joj

and also can't understand Serena's behavior.

Does she have any feelings for nate anymore?

How could she say nate that she want to be alone or need some time to think?

and How could Serena and dan have almost kiss?

Could you please tell me the detail the scene between S and D / S and N ?

and so sorry about my english. It's not my first language.

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