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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 37

Nelly: Where is she???
Blair: Don't look now, but she's right behind us.
Nelly: Are you sure, exactly the same colour as my coat?
Blair: Yes, I told you, didn't I?
Nelly: (wearing destroying face) DESTROY HER

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 32

Rufus: Eric, buddy, your mother and I have something to tell you
Eric (thinking): Here we go again

Round Table: "Bonfire of the Vanity"

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? I would have to say that this one doesn't go to a quote, but more to an action. It was Dorota immediately putting out the ordinary china after seeing Blair's reaction to Cyrus. I actually nearly fell off my chair =) 2. Will Jenny get her way with this emancipation plan, or have her fashion dreams gone up in flames? I actually like Jenny, and I really want her to succeed. But divorcing her parents? Way too far. What happened to the smart, polished Jenny? She seems to have been replaced by a dark-eyeliner-wearing, stroppy and rebellious slut. Not. Good. 3. Which Rose do you prefer, Cyrus or Aaron? I. Hate. Aaron. Just had to get that out. He dates people other than Serena (strange man), and yet she still likes him (stranger girl). He is also never gonna be able to live up to Dan. So yeah, I like Cyrus. Mainly because he beat Blair at her own game =) 4. Where were Nate and Vanessa? I agree with DANdy, vanessa was either hiding from Gossip Guy, or sticking her head in a hole. Nate was brooding in the Hamptons with his mum. 5. Will Bart and Chuck repair their relationship? I really want them to, but it will be so sad if they just get to know each other, and then Bart dies (which he will do). Oh well, maybe it will make Chuck nicer (but I SO hope not :P)