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Chicago Fire Review: Finding Proof

I'm a fan of Chicago Fire, but one of my problems with the series was evident in this episode. There are so many story lines that some get more time then others and seem like a waste or rushed. Casey taking the kids while their mom is in jail came about very quickly as did Renee's realization that Kelly was not the father and left. Both of these stories could have used another scene to lay the groundwork. Unless it picks up in the next episode I don't see the need to have Dawson's date steal from the bar. If it's used to hurt the bar financially I think it's a cheep shot. The show could benefit from fewer story lines and more time on others.

The Big Bang Theory Review: The Odd Couples

This was one of the funniest episodes in a long time, I don't think I've laughed as much during an episode in a long time. It's great to see the group having fun and interacting with each other. It was also nice to see that Penny was faster than Sheldon and I loved Bernadette yelling at Leonard. It's a better episode when they're having fun and not cough up in relationship issues. This is the type of episode the series does best.

The Big Bang Theory Review: Hallow-weenies

This episode was a semi return to normal for the series. I've been very critical the last few seasons saying it has gone from being a funny show to a show about relationships with no seriousness. Every time one of the characters gets close to having a serious conversation they dump out of that story with a cheep joke. This episode changed that it was funny and dealt with serious issues in a serious way. Howard and Bernadette's conversation about him in space was heartfelt and Penny's starting to look closely at her relationship with Leonerd. I hope future episodes use this formula that deals with issues but is funny at the same time. However, I still don't like Amy.

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