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"An Honest Mistake" Sneak Preview

omg i cant wait for this episode!!!!! I hope this isn't like the start of a downhill roller coaster!!!! Derek was going to propose and now he is caught up in his past. And Mer is scared she doesn't really know him. I looooove this show grey's is getting soooo good!!!!

"Dream a Little Dream of Me" Sneak Preview

It has to be a DREAM. Meredith is wearing the same clothes at the candle scene episode, and from th first promo, rose tells derek she is preggers in the hospital and meredith ask derek to move in as well, so he obviously cant be dead!!!! And if they were going to kill Patrick Dempsey's character, we would of all heard some sort of rumor!

Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery Hit Up Fashion Week

I agree...he is absolutely hideous. Wouldn't be surprised if he was a closet gay...did anyone else see him talk on Oprah??