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Dexter Review: Doom, Gloom and Va-Va Voom!

Up until this last episode, this season was promising, but Dexter has officially jumped the shark. Seriously, getting it on on his killing table?? What need of his Dark Passenger does that fulfill? It seems that the writers have forgotten that he is an emotionless, ritualistic, serial killer. If you want to try and break that mold, fine, but you can't have it both ways. He can't be the "I need to kill someone" monster, then suddenly, in a flood of emotion, decide that he'd just rather bang her instead. And the "I wonder what she wants" line was just silly. Oh wait, he doesn't understand emotions, that's right. Except when it is convenient. For me, Dexter is going the way Weeds did; I still watch because I'm invested, but it is becoming just the same stuff, different day, while the plot keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

Homeland Review: Via Text Message

Anyone else notice that they sat Brodie in a similar spot to where President Obama is sitting in the picture of the Situation Room that was taken during the Bin Laden raid? Were they foreshadowing, or am I just going all Carrie Mathison on it?!? The texting was a bit of a reach, but it is an entertainment program, not a documentary. If that is the worst leap of logic that this show produces, I'm OK with that! Absolutely wonderful television.

Weeds Review: First Days on the Job

I hated that Nancy had to bang her way into a sale, that was truly lame. The only source of tension that I have is the sneaking suspicion that Nancy will end up back with Judah in the end. They just seem to be going out of their way in every episode to remind us that she still has a bullet in her head. That, and she seems to have some sort of weird reaction to random stimuli (laser tag, "did the bullet move?", the smoke alarm....) in a lot of the episodes. That being said, as harsh as I have been on this show over the last few seasons, it did make me feel kind of good seeing the house full again and everyone acting as a family (and that Jill played an insignificant role in this episode. I honestly can't stand her character, and not because I don't like her personality.)Sadly though, at the end of the day, if these weren't half-hour episodes, I'd have bailed out of that camper well before Michigan and never looked back.

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