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Bones Review: Going to the Chapel

Having everyone closest to Booth tell him how much he doesn't deserve Brennan was pretty damn awesome! After years of St Seeley, FINALLY! Brennan's vows were beautiful. And its finally canon! If only GGW was there...:P ED was gorgeous. Their vows were damn near perfect. And Cyndi Lauper's 'At Last' was breathtaking. A feel-good episode and worthy payoff for us fans methinks.

Bones Review: Bucket List

Spot on Keith and Miranda about the retconning of Brennan. The mom-ghost and now the wedding dress *rme*. And Brennan called Booth a 'good man' again. Maybe that should be the tagline for the show now. At least the wedding is finally happening so can get it over with and move on. Brennan doing something for Booth's happiness isn't anything new so that is understandable though I had hoped the writers would finally bring back 'old Booth', the romantic one who used to look at her with stars in his eyes. We have only seen glimpses of him these past three seasons. Wells is okay. Brennan shooting him down and Hodgins' reaction? Gold! And I love Angela so that whole 'shd've trusted Booth thing' was BS imo.

Bones Review: The Beginning In The End

Incredibly anticlimactic and another 'Booth for Saint Seeley' episode (season?) but yes, yay because Pelant is finally dead. Five stars? Looks like you'll finally stop getting them death threats Miranda. :P