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golightly, Liz P, and null.
i FLOVE yours!!

Gossip Girl Prom Pics

Are you serious? Even if you ship CB you have to admit they look PERFECT together. :)
NB Forever!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 47

JJ. I love yours. hahaa especially the one about the hoop skirt.

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What if you could rewrite season 3?

NB, DS, Womanizer Chuck.

Enough said

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Do you think Nate is going to cheat on S with Jenny?

I can get the whole Catherine/Vanessa thing being iffy, but I don't think he cheated with Blair on Vanessa at all. They were just friends up until he broke it off with V and met B at the duck pond. That was their first kiss since S1.

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Dan and Serena season 4?


I agree. Dan/Serena are so perfect together. They were my first hardcore ship and I got into the first season because of them. I thik they could definitely get together later on (as I posted above).

As for everyone saying it's 'weird' for them to be together, it's really not. Seen Clueless? It's like the same thing.

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