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Revolution Review: A Powerful Premiere?

I love sci-fi tv. The problem with talking the talk is that you eventually have to walk the walk. I was grossly disappointed with this show.  NBC promised a lot with this plot & they surely bit off more than they could chew. Even a Steven Spielberg movie would struggle to deliver on such a juggernaut theme. Only the initial climactic scene with airplanes falling from the sky caught my attention. And that was it. As far as the developing plot, everything else felt rushed & poorly thought out. Nobody looked razzled or dirty enough, remarkably clean clothes (even sexy clothes on our protagonist), the suspicious absence of alternative electrical power source, and my favorite  - one man (functioning alcoholic) killing an entire militia squad - gimme a break! The final straw was the flashdrive scene, almost as if the people who created this watered down mess knew the whole execution was mediocre & decided to throw that in there so some viewers would return next week.  NBC should stick to what they know - Sitcoms, Dramas & leave this genre to those that know how to create great Sci-Fi & hold our attention.  I'll watch just 2 more episodes.Â