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Likewise...delena make up a perfect couple...


Cant w8 4 TVD.....


"Hart of Dixie" indeed

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How old is Damon

In episode "Bad moon rising", Damon said he has been on this planet for 168 odd years......


In episode "Rose", when Stefan apologizes to Damon, Stefan said "Im sorry for being the guy who made you turn 145 years ago"


& so Damon is 23Years old.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

I would love to see delena as a couple.....

But team stelena is kinda cute, they are perfect match...

Although im confused, when elena broke up with stefan & stefan was crying, i thought vampire cries with blood tears, but i didnt see blood or redishness in stefan's eyes, may be this whole broke up thing was kinda act i guess.

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Spoilers: Masquerade 2x07 STILLS!

As Katie02 said, i couldnt agree more to her, i think it would be katherine.

Thnx 4 the pics tiff, they r really coooOl.

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