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September 23d, Leighton,Ed etc. filming pics (Spoilers)

has anybody noticed blair's necjlace?? isnt it the key that she got from chuck last season? cuz that's pretty interesting if she wears it again.

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season 4 ausiello spoilers (Spoilers)

Vufus = Endgame!

I really want Vufus. Rufus was kinda boring this season, thats why I hoped for a bigger fight betveen him and Doc VDW. And dont get me wrong I dont want Vanessa with Nate either, I just wish V stayed in Haiti 

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Wow. Just realised AGAIN how much TWILIGHT sucks...

It's nauseating.

IKR!!! SM is one bad writer, and who the f.uck calls his girlfriend "spider-monkey"?????? If my boyfriend said that to me I would be like "GTFO creep"

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