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The anticipation is building and I'm about to blow. I enjoy all of the characters on Grey's. I enjoy the personalities, that each character brings to the show, and I'm worried that our most beloved characters will be leaving. It's very frustrating.
We all know that Shonda Rhimes enjoys piling on the drama and suspense. I wish they would end a season on a happy note for once, but I suppose that wouldn't be very entertaining to some fans.
From everything I have read, ( writer interviews, character interviews, etc. ) we know that there will be at least one death, and it looks like some of the residents are "jumping ship" to take offers at other hospitals. And we all have suspicions as to who will die, and who will leave.
According to the interviews, it seems like one of the main characters will die, and with the last show ("Migration") ending with a plane crash, we all assume this will be the cause of our "beloved characters" death. The first preview showed us that a few characters (Lexie, Arizona, Derek) are missing, or in seriously bad shape. I have read a lot of posts, that predict the death of Lexie, Arizona, or Derek, but I have a feeling the the writers are throwing us for a curveball