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So am I the only one who thinks this episode was 5 minutes of story stretched to an hour show?

Outlander Review: A Prisoner Named Claire

If you saw the clip from next week's episode, you know that Claire attempts to let Mrs. Fitz into her time travel secret and, rather than becoming her ally, Mrs. Fitz accuses her of witchcraft. Not a happy turn of events!


Ho hum, just another day of Jack Bauer playing the role of noble martyr. The one good takeaway from this episode -- we finally got rid of Audrey. I imagine if Fox decides to trot out this series again, Jack will return, still unappreciated, still hunted, still whispering, with a whole new set of characters to let him down. It's too bad that he doesn't have a personality to match his physical prowess. But as it stands now, the viewer never has any expectation of Jack truly prevailing. The writers should take a page from the Liam Neeson school of Man vs. the World.

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