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I loved the episode! Jensen Ackles is one of my favorite actors. Been a fan of his since his Days of Our Lives days. It's good to see him successfully navigating the waters of both acting and directing. One of my favorite moments in the episode was the spanish soap opera thing. Maybe that's from me being a Latina women who occasionally indulges in them myself. I don't know but my brother and I laughed hard at that. @mj2zio- I think everyone is wondering how Bobby got away from the Leviathans and I suspect they will eventually touch on that. But as for having copies of everything...that's classic Bobby and not far fetched at all. If you had valuable one of a kind information that you couldn't ever get anywhere else and you knew that information could someday mean the difference between life and death, or even save the world, wouldn't you make copies and hide it elsewhere? I would.
Jensen, great job! Now, go do some movies!!!

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