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Not all shows on my favorites list are actually my favorites, except Breaking Bad!! Shows start off in my

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You're so right! I totally forgot about that. Got to love plot holes... they could've actually put Bonnie to good use.


Oh, and can I mention. I hate Bonnie's character. Truly, I do. When she died, I was so thrilled. Get rid of the plot device character. But then... of course, she appeared more on my screen WHEN SHE WAS DEAD rather than she was alive. The show tried to make me care about her being revived, and then oh wow! once she was, we make poor Elena happy... and totally ignore her for episodes to come. So, this is it TVD fans, hope for the character you dislike to be alive, because at least when they're dead their storyline is how they can make Elena happy by coming back to life.


The problem for me is, there's no difference between Katherine pretending to be Elena, and Elena itself. I don't necessarily... blame Nina Dobrev, but it is hard to play an impersonation of a character you're impersonating. You know? I forgot a couple times during the episode it wasn't Elena, except when she was shoving her bloody freaking wrist in Damon's face. This show is laughable. It truly has become a comedy, in the worst way for me. That shower whatever the ma heck scene... laughable. Caroline and Stefan trying to go all Sherlock and "crack the code"... also laughable. "So like... Matt is acting, like weird. And Elena was trying to kill Damon... sooo... like... Katherine could have taken her body, and oh hem gee, katherine starts with k!!". Whatever. I'm not quitting this show like I have others, but... it's going to happen.