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Are you kidding me? Where did you find "38%" of the Grey's Anatomy fan base to vote that this episode was "perfect?" No offense, but there must have been a lot of Helen Kellers voting on that one. As much as I love the show, and as much as I'm in LOVE with Sara...this was by far, not only the worst episode of GA, but the worst episode on TV I've seen in a very long time. The singing was great...if it was a musical video. But, it wasn't. It was an episode. A very traumatic, on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of episode, but the inappropriate, untimely, and nonsensical chain of songs were completely off target for about half of the scenes. Please tell me...how on God's green Earth did Dr. Bailey and Nurse Eli dancing and singing in the middle of the lobby do any justice to this episode? Can you tell me? Or the driving of a Range Rover in the sky? This episode was outlandish. I'm quite embarrassed. And don't tell me I "just don't know good TV." I do know good TV. But, I also know good musicals. I know that musicals belong in...well, musicals. I'm also sick of hearing that they were just trying "something different." If we wanted something different...well...we'd watch something different. This was bad. Just BAD.

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