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Smash Review: Ivy Croaks

The only thing that can redeem Julia now is if, in the heat of their sensual moment, she kicks Michael in the balls. Oh, how I hate is annoying smirks and persistence.


I don't think any other show has accomplished what this show has. This episode makes me forget all the other times that there could have been an epic battle; it doesn't matter as long as they all build up to spectacular events such as this! Tywin marching through that door right before Cersei's murderous/mercy killing attempt is the only 'door-opening' scene that beats the weary yet still awesome Aragorn in the Two Towers.


I don't think it's THAT horrible Lexie died. She was able to tell Mark how she felt, and Mark reciprocated his feelings. She closes her eyes knowing that the man she loves loves her in return. Of course, it's gonna be awful for Mark - but he does need some more drama. I think that it was incredibly poignant that it ended with the Twisted Sisters chewing half a stick of gum and leaning their heads against each other, in the middle of a forsaken forest and a tragedy. Somehow, inexplicably, everything is going to be alright.

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