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The Mentalist Round Table: "Grey Water"

1. Haibach is probably executing the attacks but I don't know if he's got the brains to plan all this. Volker? He definitely makes a great villain!
2. I didn't like it, that Jane was paired with Fischer (again) to solve the fracking case. Should he have? Probably yes. Somebody had to help Fischer - she really does need help, doesn't she?? :-)
3. Abbott seems to like Lisbon. He was impressed with her in BH. So, no - I was not surprised he backed her up.
4. I feel the same as Entwife here. Jane looked subdued when the old team met again. He watched Cho, Lisbon and Rigspelt hugging but not even a handshake was offered to him. Did he want to reach out? Maybe not... Remember how Cho rejected him when he came back to the US and Jane wanted to hug him? I was so sad for him there and again in GW. Remember what he said in S1? "Who doesn't want love and affection?" Well, he definitely didn't get any in these scenes!
5. I have to go with the opening scene as my favorite. It had me at the edge of the couch! :-)

The Mentalist Review: Being Hunted

Amen, Ani!

The Mentalist Review: Being Hunted

Oh I'm sure any getting-together by Jane and Lisbon would be VERY sexy! Maybe not on screen (not that kind of show, you're right), but those two would probably explode (no pun intended) at the first "real" touch! 12 years of "lying in bed, thinking of Patrick" have to build up to a seriously unstable volcano, LOL!
Of course it can be argued as for WHEN all the thinking started, on either side. I guess we'll never know. :-)

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