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@Rationalgal, that's what I was saying too. Lisbon doesn't know this guy at all. But I do think that it's extreme for Lisbon to go to these lengths to make Jane sit up. I think she wants a meaningful relationship with someone and Pike just happened to be there so suspiciously willing.

I thought the statement Pike made about being divorced and knowing what the real thing is was interesting. If he is divorced he couldn't know what the real thing is or was.

I am suspicious of Pike and Pike's promotion. It's just really reminiscent of what Kim pulled on Jane. Now that I think about it, Lisbon seems to be in a very vulnerable position. Let's say there was some unscrupulous plot afoot to separate these two. Anybody looking in could see that Lisbon made a choice to follow Jane. She didn't have too and Jane refused to work without her. So in order to make Jane work they had to take something they didn't want, Lisbon. So what if they could lure her away. Make Lisbon choose to leave on her own. They use Pike as the bate, he lures Lisbon to DC and then dumps her after a few months. They fill or eliminate Lisbon's position so she can't come back. Now they have Jane by himself the way they wanted him in the first place. Jane can't object because Lisbon left on her own. If Jane breaks the deal he goes to jail.

Lisbon's vulnerabilities tipped the tables in the FBI's favor. Now it's Jane's move. What will he do when he finds out?!!!!!

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You can be taken advantage of very easily if you can't control what happens to you. That's what con men know!


Look, I'm not a person that just gives into my emotions. I really do make choices about how I want to feel about things. I am in control of myself and not controlled by outside circumstances unless I want to be and that includes love. Love is like a high, it feels good. I got to know my husband first, then I like him and then I fell in love with him.

I liked who he was as a person. For me without that information, he would not have meant anything to me. I have dated guys that I liked alot and could have loved but getting to know them better caused me to take the next thing sailing. Red flags, Red flags, Red flags!