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I found the Bellhop the most interesting. He looked right at Alicia and smiled. He knew her. And he just witnessed "Good Wife Gone Bad".. sex sells. Look how this went down with Peter. Poor Eli, now he has to manage a campaign for Governor with two scandals, and in the office of 2 of 3 parties.. OI VEY! (I am hoping we see Glen Childs as well in some form! Love Titus Welliver)

The Borgias Review: Falling Quickly

Perhaps this is the beauty of the show... the small steps. I find the pacing real to life. As human beings on a tv schedule around our own real lives, we feel like we need a fast paced hour. This show is FAST paced if you view it properly. The Papacy is a job. It's a business. It takes time to travel, let alone bargain for favors. Watching Cesare court, train, murder, and dispose of the body happened in what 32 min from start to finish? I think if this show has one flaw, it was that the previews made it sound like a show about Rodrigo Borgia, and now we would rather the show be called, "How Cesare Borgia escapes his Holy Father's madness"

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