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Twisted Review: The Haunting

I LOVED this show in the beginning, but the last two eps have been very boring..the only interesting parts this week were Danny and Lacey, they have so much chemistry, although a bit out of the blue on her part, and his mom wondering about him being a sociopath and throwing away the necklace, witnessed by Rico! What keeps me going is not knowing if he's innocent or a sociopath, faking all of his charm and emotions, the show should explore this more, like it did in the first eps, making him seem sweet in one moment and creepy the next. Jo's stating to annoy me, her blind trust and crush on Danny seems excessive, especially since he clearly likes Lacey and it makes her dad look really bad! Why did she have to force him to go to the thing, when she could have simply gone with Rico? I felt really bad for him, Rico, he's so nice..

Anna maria

hated it. I can't beleive it ended this way! It should have ended with the red wedding or joffrey's wedding! they're ruining the show! It hasn't been great since season 1!

Anna maria

oh, and I really liked Cora's story and wanted to see more of it! I hate that they killed her! She and Gold made such a better couple than he and Belle, they are so wrong for each other, it's gross!

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