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The Borgias Review: "The Moor"

It was mud, nothing strange: in the hot spings it's normal being covered with mud, it's regarded as therapeutic. However, beyond this, the series it's quite boring, for the moment. I hope it will become more interesting with the development of the historical events. Concerning actors, well, nothing to say about Jeremy Irons, he's a great actor, we knew it, even if I agree with kittrasis: he is underutilized. Rodrigo Borgia is one of the most ambiguous and complicated character of Italian history, in this series, for the moment, he is dramatically flattened by a feeble and questionable script (very questionable indeed! The scene of the Zombie Last Supper at king Ferrante's court was shocking). Last remark: I really don't like the actor who plays Cesare Borgia, really, really I don't like him!