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Gave the show another go......and this week was worse. The mom and leather mask...huh??? Beta lusting over walden.....huh???? Alan's morning wood...huh??? Nothing funny about any of it.....far from clever comedy......maybe if you're 18. Haven't laughed once in two two episodes.....not what I'm used to ......I watch two and a half men to get my laugh on.....not clinch with pain and suffer through it.....I bet Charlie is sitting back getting his laugh on for sure! This won't last another season...and thank god!


I like Ashton but last night was painful to watch. There were so many ackward moments!!!! I'm glad it was only about 10 minutes long with commercials making up the other 20 minutes. What a waste of my time. I'll tune in to see if it gets any better....but I'll TEVO it so I don't have to suffer through all the Ads.

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