Hey people. You can call me April and I'm a fan of Gossip Girl Serie and books. Already read all of them. I'm in love with every sigle charecter, and my couples are first of all Chair *-*, Van, Jenny/Nate and Serena/Carter. :) I'm from Brazil, and I also have msn, orkut and derivatives. Open to friendship. :D That's all, bye. 
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D n' V

Love them. *-*

Dr. Strangeloved Promo

Looooove Dan and Vanessa. I want Serena with Carter, and Nate with Jenny. :)

Dr. Estrangeloved

Serena e Nate needs to break up! Then Serena will go to Carter and Nate with Jenny, YEAH! I'm missing Chair ):

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O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (Season 2)

Chuck and Blair pleasssssssse.

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Chace Crawford and Ashley Greene of Twilight: New Couple!

Their affair is a bit older... I think that they are only coming back.

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