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Asian college guy who's a couch potato but working guy at the same time.
Seriously enjoy 'chick flicks' and 'guilty pleasures'.
Top 9 shows (in order of favorites) : Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl, Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-O, Teen Wolf, Revenge, Ringer, and The Lying Game.
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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 142

Tyler: I don't have man-boobies! Moobies!


I like Jake and Ryder's friendship. And yes at first I thought I'd love NY's story more but now I think Rachel and Kurt just drag the show and they should leave them out if there's Season 5. McKinley baby!

Gossip Girl Review: Let Your Dark Side Shine

I meant no offense to Christina though. She did a good review as far as I read. It's nice to take a break from Steve's snarks.

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

1. Rachel Berry

2. Finn Hudson

3. Mike Chang

4. Kurt Hummel

5. Sue Sylvester

6. Santana Lopez

7. Brittany Pierce

8. Emma Pilsburry

9. Terri Schuester

10. Dave Karofsky

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favorite guest stars?

I love Kristin Chenoweth aka April Rhodes. She's such a scene stealer and she totally rocks the show whenever she appears. Carl is pretty awesome too. Should've gotten more screen time. And people have been bashing Sunshine Corazon but she sings beautifully.

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My theories after a third rewatch.

I've been theorizing that Ezra is A since the start of S2. He is shady, we don't exactly know his background and he's been nothing but a perfect gentleman since the start of the show. (Come on, no one is that perfect! Lol!).

The other "A" must be between the four guys witnessing the fake argument between the liars in "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares". Garrett, Toby, Caleb and Lucas. Garrett just seems stupid and too suspicious to be A's accomplice. Lucas is definitely shady and based on the next episode, it looks like Lucas is the other "A". But doors are open for Toby and Caleb too. I mean, it really is not the first in TV, a bad guy-turns-good-guy-then-turns-bad-guy-again.


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