Are You Drunk Dialing Again?

Hi! My name is Tânia and I'm from Portugal. My sister introduced me to the show last year and now I'm totally addicted!! :) And Chair is kinda my obsession right now :P My favourite actor from the show is Ed, I think he's just brilliant. And so hot ;)
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J to the S

This is my fav pic.
She's gorgeous!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 83

Loved littledebbie's! Ahah So funny :D

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Season One Chuck Hair!!! almost back... :) (Spoilers)

Cuteness :)

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Fans of Friends

Friends really is the best show ever!

I mean, it was so much more than just funny jokes! It had a history, it had deep relationships... It was comedy+drama+romance! Really had everything :)

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WHAT are they doing? (Spoilers)

And what about Eric and Jenny?  They're still in HS at Constance and St. Jude's, yet they're playing too? 

Sorry, I didn't realize they were playing too. I haven't seen any pictures of them actually in the game.

So now I'm really confused! Maybe we could assume that's it was something between the known characters, but I saw one picture where there's was Serena and some random guy, and he was playing too!

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