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I Love the following TV Shows on this site that are still airing:

-American Horror Story.
-Beauty and the Beast.
-Grey's Anatomy.
-Law and Order: SVU.
-Nurse Jackie.
-Once Upon A Time.
-Pretty Little Liars.
-Rizzoli & Isles.
-Rookie Blue.
-Teen Wolf.
-The Carrie Diaries.
-The Client List.
-The Good Wife.
-The Following.
-The Walking Dead.
-True Blood. 

I loved the following shows on this site that are no longer airing:

-30 Rock.
-Emily Owens, M.D.
-Ghost Whisperer.
-Gossip Girl.
-One Tree Hill.
-Private Practice.

I gave up on the following shows on this site that are still airing/no longer airing:

-Big Love.
-Brothers & Sisters.
-Charlie's Angels.
-Desperate Housewives.
-Dirty, Sexy, Money.
-Emily Owens, M.D.

-Family Guy.
-Harry's Law.
-Hart of Dixie.
-How I Met Your Mother.
-Jersey Shore.
Modern Family.
-My Name Is Earl.
-No Ordinary Family.
-South Park.
-The Middle.
-The OC. 

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Deb Undercover

>Her heard.

Nurse Jackie Renewed for Season 6

Why is this site still reporting news on Nurse Jackie, yet, there are no longer reviews for it?


@Mrs alex o'loughlin: Well apparently the writers changed the ending, so Annie and Liam didn't even get engaged - Naomi originally got back with Max and so AnnaLynne remade the ending herself rekindling with Max, because that's what she wanted to happen. Though Annie and Liam were meant to get back together, they saved it till the end.
And as for Silver and Mark, their relationship never had closure to begin with, as Mark left to go to Canada to be with his kids. Silver was too busy in his last episode focusing on herself, while Mark was in jail. So I'm assuming they split (or the writers just forgot they were together) in the end.
As for Dixon, I think the writers were pushing him closer to Silver as the season was ending, so I think in the end they were finally going to be together, but the writers didn't officially get that opportunity.