i love grey's anatomy its the best show also true blood and one tree hill and ugly betty also white collar and army wives. those are the shows i like to watch and know about

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1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Mark: Say it
Callie:Shut up
i agree with mark she should have said it im glad in the end she did but outcome was kind of iffy
2. Owen flashbacks: Interesting insight, or unnecessary filler?
Very interesting because we finally know what happend over there
3. Harder to believe: Arizona not wanting kids, or Richard as one of the guys?
Arizona not wanting kids because she works in pediatrics and she is good with them
4. Will Owen cheat on Cristina with Teddy?
he might but then again its confusing
5. Will you miss Izzie?
i will miss the old funny izzie