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Oops ... lost my thread - but I intend to watch last night's episode again.


Last night's episode was very good. The beginning threw me for a minute with the melee in which SecNav Jarvis was killed and Morrow was injured. I had expected that the episode would begin with the shot fired by Gibbs in the Season 10 finale.

With regard to the shot taken by Gibbs, as mentioned in another post, I believe he target is the person who steps out of the car and not Fornell.

As Abby used to say, there's "... something hinky ..." about Parsons and McGee's girlfriend. I believe there is more to be revealed about both of them.

So far, Glasburg et al. are doing a good job in handling the departure of Cote de Pablo. We'll see how things are wrapped up next week, but I'm hoping that an opening is left so that, should be willing to do so, Ziva can be woven back into the storyline on occasion. No matter how well it's handled though, Cote de Pablo will be missed terribly.

Overall, last night's episode was not disappointing. Prior to next week's episode, I intend to watch "W again before next Tuesday's episode. In watching a second time, I tend to catch on to additional details that will come into play in next week's episode.


The episodes for the past two weeks seem more like "sweeps week" or "season finale" story arcs. It makes me wonder what they are planning for the rest of this season.

I see that folks have commented on Ducky's grandfather line, but no one has mentioned its significance.

As NCIS does fairly often, the scriptwriters sneak in little tidbits from previous roles or the personal lives of the actors.

With David McCallum, in "The Man From UNCLE" two-part episode, "The Concrete Overcoat Affair", Illya Kuryakin was faced with the machine-gun wielding Stiletto Brothers. As he plotted a way to distract them, he asked, "Whose grandfathers are you people?"