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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
I loved Blair's line in the elevator about Serena sucks in all the air & that she'd be dead within a half an hour & Chuck's line "If you two wanna kiss, I won't count it as cheating". 2. The threesome: Yay or nay?
Nay. DOV are BORING. It was way too overhyped. The promo for next week looks good for only one reason which is Nate telling Dan he;s an idoit & that the 3rd person is suppose to be a stranger. Because, of course, Nate should know this. 3. Team Jenny or Team Eric?
Team Eric. Jenny is unbearably annoying, always has been. 4. Are you happy Blair and Serena made up?
Yeah, the elevator scene was sweet. Idk if their completely made up yet since Serena cancelled plans on Blair. Gosh, Blair really is too good of a friend for her. 5. Will Serena and Tripp hook up? Should they?
I sure hope so. I ship Stripp. I feel bad for Maureen though. I know that Stripp will be short-lived. In the future, I'm STILL hopeing for Serenate. BONUS QUESTION: Is the show feeling a little boring this season?
For. Sure. I think this season really needs some big SL's. But this latest episode was good though.

Tripp and Serena

IMHO, I think Blair & Serena are about the same on the slutty-ness level. They've both slept w/alot of guys, okay? I honestly don't see why this needs to be some debate.

Tripp and Serena

She never slept w/Chuck! He wanted to sleep w/her but she refused.

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GG Couples (Past Or Present) With Best Chemistry

Couples w/most chemistry?

1. Chuck/Blair

2. Serena/Nate

3. Serena/Carter

I also think Vanessa & Dan aren't bad together either, lol.

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Promo song for 3x13? (Music)

Thank you! SO MUCH! Lol.

I've been searching everywhere for it & I wasn't able to find it.

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Best guy for Serena poll:

My pick's Nate.

I loved her w/Carter too though; but I am 1st & foremost a Serenate fan.

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