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Chuck Review: Who's Luke Skywalker?

I agree totally on the comment of joyeful. Although the episode felt less fun because Morgan was such a jerk, it did set up an ultimate storyline for the next couple of episodes. With a season of probably 13 episodes it would have been a waste to have an independent episode not working on the story and it is a good sign that they are moving forward in just the right gear. I cannot wait until the next episode to find out if Morgan will once again remember who Luke Skywalker is.

Chuck Review: Zoom Goes The Dynamite

All this time I was questioning whether they could continue this story in an appropriate manner and now it is great to see they pulled it off. It is important to realize that Chuck has evolved over the seasons and just can't continue to its earlier form. Although at first I also was sceptic about Morgan having the Intersect, but I think the first episode showed great potential and I hope they will continue this way. By the way, Chuck is awesome in his role as the leader and for that sake I don't miss him having the Intersect.


I totally agree with the triple thraet for this episode. It made me have a big smile directly followed by shivers of heart (I try not to use the words 'emotional rollercoaster' as Dr. Cox would not forgive me). While I expected a big wedding scene like with Devon & Ellie, this was just perfect with the rehearsel wedding, both their vows and the flashbacks. It's all you can ask of a finale.
This season may not have been convincing all of the time, faults granted, I believe that many parts are forgotten, for instance Chuck's ass-kicking in the first episode, getting to know his mom, Timothy Dalton as Volkoff, Morgan as a spy, Sarah fighting her way through Thai jungle, Casey's love for Reagan and his hate towards Russians and of course the proposal and finally the wedding. When watching a show like Chuck you shouldn't be aware of every little detail, but start an episode with an open mind and experience whether the developments were to your expectations or not. I appreciate the character development in this show (I agree Chuck was very funny as the clumsy spy), because there is nobody who can disagree that Morgan is the most fabulously bearded man on television (although at first I wanted Chuck to have the intersect back). I think the beard may turn out to be a pleasant surprise...

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