What can I say about myself--other than I love NCIS? I guess I could tell you I'm a big fan of mystery, crime, and suspense. I'm a real, honest-to-goodness author--in the romance genre. I love fishing, camping, gambling and, of course, a big screen TV. But most of all, I love to laugh. Maybe that's why NCIS is my favorite show. The dark side is always tempered with humor.
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NCIS Season 13 Episode 7 Review: 16 Years

I agree with Mel. The writers have not been doing Tony justice, but by the looks of next week's promo, that may be rectified. Is there something wrong with Mark? He really does look like he's been ill. I'm worried about him. This week's episode was great. I loved all the humor. I fell in love with the 'Sherlocks'. I would really like to see them come back once in awhile. As for Judith, she was a treasure. All in all I was very entertained by this episode.

NCIS Season 13 Episode 3 Review: Incognito

I think something has happened in the writing department at NCIS. The story lines are going off into too many directions, and they are keeping the viewers in the dark. What's with Zoe and Tony? Tim and Delilah? Bishop and Jake? Where's Palmer? It seems as if everyone is on a pity train--including Gibbs and Vance. Gibbs needs to get his life back together, and pull his team into the tight knit group they've always been. Like brothers and sister. Laughter, fun, teasing. But in the end they are all focused on catching the bad guys, keeping each other safe, and holding onto their "family".

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Maybe it's just me, but since this season started, Gibbs seems to be angry at Tony. Why? He can't possibly be concerned about Tony being a leader. He's already done that and proved himself. And why was Gibbs mad at Ducky? Something's not making sense. I hope they resolve this soon. I want my smart, funny, dedicated family back.