What can I say about myself--other than I love NCIS? I guess I could tell you I'm a big fan of mystery, crime, and suspense. I'm a real, honest-to-goodness author--in the romance genre. I love fishing, camping, gambling and, of course, a big screen TV. But most of all, I love to laugh. Maybe that's why NCIS is my favorite show. The dark side is always tempered with humor.
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NCIS Round Table: Mishnev's Last Stand

I think you guys summed it up perfectly. But, my favorite scene/quote was when Fornell punched Gibbs, and Gibbs said: "Is that all you've got, Alice?" then sent him flying out through the door. I loved this episode, and it couldn't have ended any other way. With Mishnev dead, it's done. No more rise of the beast later. Well done.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 14 Review: Cadence

I was impressed with episode 12/14. I knew there was a reason we all liked Tony so much and we got a small glimpse of that in this episode. Maybe praise embarrasses him, and Gibbs realized that early on. Hence, the Gibbs slaps rather than a kind word. Even Tony proved that when he hadn't been smacked in a while. He was concerned. I do think the writers deserve kudos for the last few episodes. They've done an excellent job developing the characters and moving the story forward. And the actors carried through beautifully. I'm anxious to see how Tony and Zoey's relationship is handled, and what Gibbs has up his sleeve for Sergi--and how he uses Jake (who is adorable) and the team (and maybe even Fornell) to bring the monster down.


I really liked this episode. I was a little surprised by the who-done-it, and it's not easy to fool me. And I loved the end when Abe was schooled by the Asian boy about the horse.