What can I say about myself--other than I love NCIS? I guess I could tell you I'm a big fan of mystery, crime, and suspense. I'm a real, honest-to-goodness author--in the romance genre. I love fishing, camping, gambling and, of course, a big screen TV. But most of all, I love to laugh. Maybe that's why NCIS is my favorite show. The dark side is always tempered with humor.
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I really liked this episode. It was predictable, but a lot of fun, especially with Tim and Abby, and her calling him "McGibbs". Then there was rule #70. And the bomb....


I really liked this episode. Tony was Tony, flirty, brave, fun. And we cleared up his relationship with Pendergast early on--fun, but not for him. Gibbs was untrusting as always, but playing the docile hostage for a short while was kinda fun to watch, and of course, I loved the turn when he took his captor down. And Borin was herself as always, used to being in control, and it was hard for her to let Tony handle anything to do with the negotiations (a female Gibbs). But the highlight of the episode was Tim. Or as Abby called him 'McGibbs'. And rule 70. Then there was the bomb...and Tony needing a heads-up because he didn't bring a diaper. Even Bishop is starting to grow on me. She worked so hard to pass the test, then learned everyone failed it but Gibbs. I felt sorry for her. All in all, I enjoyed the episode very much.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 4 Review: Choke Hold

I agree about M. Allison Hart, Jamie Lee's characters, because I do like the actresses but the writer's made them both witches. A note to the writers: A woman can be smart, witty, and adorable without being a witch.

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