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Background Music is TOO LOUD!!! (Episodes)

The backgound music is way too loud - to the point that we cannot hear the actors and/or dialogue.  This needs to be fixed, or my wife and I will become NON-watchers of the show.  We can't hear what is going on half the time - so why watch it.  We do understand that the background music adds to the suspense and/or emotion of the show, any show, but when it covers up the conversation the plot is lost!!  Fix it PLEASE.

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background music during episodes are TOO LOUD!!!!! (Site Suggestion)

I am at the point of no watching the show because the background music is TOO LOUD, so much so that I cannot hear the dialogue and it it very frustrating.  I turn the volume up and it only makes the music that much louder - still unable to hear the actors and what they are saying. 

IF this keeps up - I will discontinue watching this show - this one is the worst of all the shows this year!!! 

FIX this please!

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