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Mad Men Review: Drapers Revisited

My old Betty is back!! In her whole awesomeness and greatness!
And finally Don became likeable again, and it for sure has to do with his family.. his real family!
The family-singing scene was one of my favorite scenes of all time, and the pillow talk actually gave me chills. I was so excited that the reality check the next morning hit me really hard.
Henry is the right guy for Betty, she and the kids have a save and loving home with him even though Betty might never love him like she loved Don.
And now I'm just sad cause it was, in fact just a closure for those two and I'm afraid we have seen the last of them together.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 150

Elena: So, you're the last human standing. That makes you kind of sexy again! Maybe we could reunite..
Matt: I'm really sorry to disappoint you Elena but I prefer elder women now.
Elena: Don't tell me you're back with Rebekah!
Matt: No, that bitch tried to kill me! But Sheriff Forbes, on the other hand, will always know how to protect me and my Varsity letter jacket.

Private Practice Review: A Fairytale Ending

I thought it was a nice finale although Naomi being pregnant was a bit stretched giving Sam being a jerk to Addie about having kids. I also didn't like that they reunited while they were both unavailable cause it just doesn't seem fair to Stephanie and Fife (who I really liked). Because I could bare Sam only with Naomi I wanted them to have a fresh start.
Poor Sheldon, never gets his happy ending.. and where the hell did his cancer go? Did I miss the part where he was cured?
You're right Christina, no mention of Pete was really the low point of the finale.
Otherwise I was happy Shonda didn't go out with too much of a bang cause we all know she can be too dramatic and unrealistic.

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Nair Thread.

I'm so proud of Nate THE MAYOR Archibald.

Ok it's a little stretched but at least he ended up being the most successful from the group, which was really my wish for him since he has grown the most and showed the most moral on the show (putting aside sleeping with Serena and the drug abuse hahaa)

I actually like that he ended up alone because I hated all of his girlfriends accept Blair.

I'm gonna miss the Natefused Manbangs :(


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Gossip "Girl" Hints/ Foreshadowing

I actually don't get the Jenny knowing about Dan being GG part at all. Why would Jenny wanna expose the whole world to whom she lost her virginity with?? Couldn't she just go live with her mom without that..duh..

Specially when she knew how a psycho Blair can be. And there have been many posts that hurt Jenny.. Don't know why anybody in his right mind would do that to his sister.

Also Jenny sent the pic of Dan and Serena sleeping, how could Dan have sent that while he was asleep causing both Serenate and Vanessa&Dan to break up.

Didn't really suspected him because I thought he was too obsessed with Serena do be bad to her. Now I know what kind of obsession it really was!

I actually first knew it was him when he wrote his final chapter, because GG said at the beginning of this season that she had the feeling this would be her final one.

Never liked Dan much, him being GG makes him more of an interesting character but an even worse friend and boyfriend.



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Who the f*** is Gossip girl?

And congratulations to FIRST AID KIT!!!

You were the only one who suspected the right guy and who knew almost 2 years ago Bart is alive :D

I'm not very satisfied with the ending but I'm gonna get over it. I'm dissapointed that it was clear for a few episodes now that Dan could be GG. I was more shocked when Georgina was behind the laptop in the GG episode.

The finale wasn't great but it had it's moments. The little cameos of Vanessa, Juliet, Lola and most of all Kristen and Rachel, I thought that was great.

I won't discuss ships in here but I liked that at least one cuople didn't end up together as predicted.

I also liked that Nate is the most successful of the bunch, cause although he is not the brightest he has grown the most and is the least selfish one. I kind of like that he is not paired with anybody cause I never liked any of his girlfriends accept Blair.

I just wished there was more friendship scenes, The NJBC, Nate and Blair, Serena and Blair, Nate and Chuck, hell even Dan and Chuck.. That's what I'm gonna miss the most.

All in all, it's the end of the show we loved to hate, but we all found something special in it at some point so I think we should end it on a positive note.


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