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Chuck Review: Awesome Short Cunnings

Watching the preview of Season 5 episode 7 gave me chills regarding the possession of the intersect. Currently i believe Agent Shaw still has the intersect due to the trailer were he fights Sarah in a close range combat fight leading to Sarah being captured. However it may be that after Shaw was put in custody the Ring intersect was removed. Also being addressed is whether Chuck gains the intersect and if so how and which version e.g Sunglasses intersect developed by Mashoos (or whatever) , Laptop Intersect or maybe a completely new version. Reasons for believing Chuck has the intersect is due to his remark during the fight between Shaw and Chuck, where he tries to taunt Chuck by mentioning the fact that Chuck no longer possesses the intersect.In which Chuck replies back "Don't be so sure". This shred of the information as well as Chuck mentioning he has a 'plan' suggests he somehow attained an intersect. On the other hand Chuck may be trying to Stall for the plan he mentions. Or he maybe trying to pull a bluff. Whatever the reason this is so far the biggest twist in season 5-so far.