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NCIS Episode Preview: "Shabbat Shalom"

I have just read on the internet Cote De Pablo has just singed a new 2 year contract, she signed last year 2012, but I thought her contract was not up for renewal till the end of season 10 2013, doe any body know if this is true.

NCIS Review: Gone, But Not Forgotten

@Michael What planet do you come from, are you seriously suggesting that Ziva has slept with Tony's dad, now come on you must of been laughing you head off while you were writing that, how can you believe such a thing, god I have to get the thought of Ziva and Tony's dad having sex out of my head, or I will never enjoy this Christmas.

NCIS Burning Question: Where is McGee?

The trouble with McGee is his character is to damn boring, he does not have the same back ground as DiNozzo or Ziva, he has not done much undercover assignments, he knows how do process a crime scene and he is good with computers.