Hi, I'm ERIKA.

I like LOVE Gossip Girl.

Chuck Bass is the best.

Don't agree with me?


You know I'm right.

I like eating Cookie Dough

And drinking Lemonade.

I have three best friends:

Rachel, Katie, and Vanessa.

I love The Filthy Youth.

They are my favorite band,

Among others, like

Paramore, Linkin Park and Muse.

I am a member of the Slytherin House.

Don't know me?

Get to know me.

Want to know more?

Just ask

And I will not tell.

You know you love me.


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Chuck and Blair in TV Guide!

YAY!!!!! This officially makes Gossip Girl's producers forgiven for the month long break in my book. YAYAY! CHAIR for life!


GAH! I swear, if CHAIR doesn't stay together, I am soooooo going to kill CW...

Ed Westwick, Helena Christensen

SHES TOTALLY CHECKING OUT HIS JUNK! LOOK AT HER EYES! OMG! THATS GROSS, SHES SO OLD! EWWW! But he's still hot and c'mon, there's sooooo much to look at. *faints* (That's a lot of junk. O.o)