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Revenge Round Table: "Charade"

To me, the reason that Declan was so wrong had nothing to do with Emily, and everything to do with his brother. Jack handled Emily's rejection with class and grace, even accepting her offer of "friends?" Did Declan consider for one moment how embarassing and humiliating it might be for his brother to have his feelings broadcast like that, in a room full of unfriendly people, to include Emily's current boyfriend who also happens to work for Jack? Thats why Declan's rant was so very wrong to me. I don't expect him to care about the feelings of strangers, but he should've been 1. polite to his date, Charlotte, and 2. considerate of his brothers feelings and privacy. He did neither, which makes him a little punk. In fact, had Declan ever treated his brother decently? I think Real!Emily is going to be big trouble, and I can't wait. I'm hoping she sets her sights on Jack, which has any number of troublesome implications. I'm on Amandily's side, but I sure don't want it to be easy for her. Its more fun when there are more complications. And Jack is way too fine to not have a female interested in him.