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Promo: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

OMG I can not to next Monday to see taht one.And Chuck HAS NO BUISNESS FOR DOING THAT LILLY after she has been so nice to him

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate and Jenny Update

OMG why them two of people have to get together I really think it was a very bad idea and Little J needs to back in school because this whole designer thing is good but remeber how she acted last year when she wanted to be in Queen B's spot.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair and Serena

I dont know what the secret is but hope is nothing lame or just matbe the new kid arron might be there long lost child and also I would love to know what Bart found out about Lilly's past that she doesn't want her kids to know about

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Whose side r u on Serena's or Blair's???

That's a tough question because Ilike them both equally Sarena because she is so caring and nice towards every and anybody and Blair because she so scheming so Iam both of there teams

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Favorite/Least GG Character??

They could Vanessa and it wouldn't make any diffance to one way or the other. And I love love love love Chuck Bass he make the show for me and also Sarena and Blair. Dan when he is not being a ass at times . And Nate when he is not trying to save Jenny

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There Might Be Blood (Season 2)

I think she might going to the polive station because she busted up Bart and Lilly event

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