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I Love the Music of GG,Chuck and Blair individually and Even More together as CHAIR.

I never thought that i would like GG this much or i would find two of my favorite actors of this generation here or i would find one of my favorite Love stories of all time here,from  a show  which when i started watching i thought was a chick show but i was pleasantly surprised to find not only deep,complex female characters but also well rounded deep male characters in GG[if anything Chuck Bass is the most well rounded and the best character now on GG] with whom i could relate to on many levels.And then from 1x07 onwards slowly but surely Chair grew on me and by the time 2x13 ended i was a full on Chair shipper.Thus to round if off I am a CHAIR shipper,I love the MUSIC and i admire ED WESTWICK and LEIGHTON MEESTER'S (I also find Leighton Meester damn sexy)acting abilites.


MY Other Hobbies include:-

I. Watching TV some of my other Favourite shows are 1.House,2.Supernatural,3.Prison Break(only season 1 TBH),4.The Amazing race,The Boston Legal,HIMYM,Scrubs,SYTYCDetc.,

I also watch History Channel alot,and sports a lot,my favourite sports are 1.Formula One,2.Soccer and, 3.Tennis.

II. I am a Complete Movie Buff i watch all kinds of movies it doesn't  matter which genre they belong to or which language they are in,if it is good count me in.Some of my Favourites of 2009 were 1.Bronson,2.Hangover,3.District 9,4.Star trek,5.The Watchmen just to name a few.

III.I am also a hardcore Video gamer,i Just love videogames it is a form of meditation to me.

IV.I am also a avid Music lover,again all genres of music when it comes to music it depends upon my mood really thats all otherwise no particular preference.

V.I also love surfing the internet,whether for fun or for informative purposes.Though i must admit i am new to the internet,blogs and forums and the like.It was only a few months back that i acquired true broadband connection in my home,so i am a novice in many ways but still i have been hooked to the internet so far.

Obviously there are still many more facets to me,but those are private and  i think this much information is enough to atleast get a loose impression of what kind of a person i am.


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Just some of my thoughts after watching the S5 premiere below: Gossip girl starts off S5 with a nice balance of FRESHNESS yet maintaining the core essence of what Gossip girl has stood for in the past 4 seasons. On the outside this is a new direction and feel for Gossip girl-light fun as opposed to the dark, twisted fantasy celebrating the indecent opluence of the past...yet if we look carefully all the gossip girl elements from scheming to secrets to scandals to over the top extravagance are all still very much here. All in all a very good start to the season which promises to take all the main characters in interesting directions. It's infact after a long time that i am actually somewhat engrossed in the happenings of all the main as well as the new characters all at the same time. The season begins as usual with Serena vanderwoodsen...and firstly i must say that serena looked really good in this episode...maintaining that unique serena style ( meaning the appearance of our regular stars i.e. serena's twins peek-a-booing )yet looking stylish instead of trashy. Even though blake/serena isn't my kind of beauty but she does have a good body and she looked really nice here. As far as her story arc is concerned it's alright but yet it's not as revolutionary as the producers seem to think or advertising, we have seen serena is similar jobs/situations it's a tad disappointing. But where Serena shines is in the scenes with Chuck-Nate, seriously C-N-S scenes were a treat to watch and clearly one of the hightlights of the episode no doubt ( this coming from someone who mostly thinks NJBC are overrated). Still i liked Serena here which doesn't happen often. LA looked was LA yet a different Gossip girlesque LA at the same time- I ENJOYED IT. Now coming to Nate-archibald...What a pleasant surprise?! Nate was awesome, LOST yet LOVABLE at the same time...i must say Chace has some easy going comedic timing going for him here-he looked good and pulled of the fun comedic scenes with aplomb...all in all Nate scenes were actually enjoyable and worth watching. Now going back to Newyork and catching up with the Humphreys...Rufus is as lame as ever ( Seriously how does matthew settle play this character, it really must be the money? ) While the life and times of Dan Humphrey on the otherhand is going is surprising and somewhat baffling directions...this whole 'Inside' novel business involving Dan is a very promising and interesting story arc and if the cards are played properly then it could lead to any number of directions with any number of characters...interesting indeed. But what's up with Penn's look? IDK? he looked small...i mean his arms, legs everything seemed small but then again it could be just me. And as far as Dan's feelings for Blair is concerned i still don't get it to be perfectly honest...and this episode wasn't kind on his feelings for Blair, he came off as selfish who doesn't have Blair's best interest in mind ( something similar from Chuck would have resulted in all sort of abuse allegations just saying ) nor was it kind on Dair's relationship-i mean their relationship is lame in some ways in the fact that they only interact or have anything to do with each other when there is no other option, this is especially true with Blair's side...she only goes the Dan way as a last resort when it's the only option left. Anyways one thing is for sure that there is no romantic feeling for Dan from Blair's side the question wrt Dair this season is whether Dan's feelings for Blair will kindle any sort of reaction in her or not?...but it's most defenitely one sided for now. And now moving to our queen or atleast our princess in waiting Blair waldorf...this was certainly not the worst version of Blair, but of all the main characters her story arc/scenes/performance were the weakest...though she is the centre piece no doubt. I really don't know but IMO the producers have lost that special something about Blair...even Leighton's performance or take on Blair atm is way off the mark. Even as far as her looks are concerned she looked alright but they are not even getting the styling right for Blair. And as far as Blair's main man atm Louis and their relationship is concerned...Louis-Blair are a really boring old faced unexciting couple and gawd! Louis accent is god damn annoying but i must admit their storyline and what Blair was going through with wanting 'her man to stand by her ' was a realistic and relatable track but one thing seems clear this time writers want to give Blair a romance with a guest star which is a force to be reckoned with alongside her main obvious doomed from the beginning relationships with guest stars anymore, i guess. Just one more thing about Blair this whole 'Waldorf women' thing is not adorable anymore...infact quite frankly i am starting to find waldorf women annoying as hell. Now coming to Chuck Bass and Ed westwick the combination of which was one of the highlights of the episode. What can i say from the twins, to the smile and the fun, to the bonding with S&N, to his casual fashion wardrobes, to his hilarious 'YES' man antics, to awesome lines like " People like me don't write books, books are written about us" ( or atleast something like that) but ofcourse still suffering underneath and going crazy due to a brunette and their great love we all know well. Chuck-Ed just killed it. I think all this 'YES' man bizness is him trying to unconciously punish himself for saying no to Blair and all this thrill seeking is just a way for him to numb the pain and turn himself away from the real issue...he still has a long way to go for sure. And i think therapy for Chuck is in the cards in the coming episodes...and IMO 'the dog' could even be a suggestion by a Psychiatrist as some sort of therapy/medicine to ease his pain for people always abandoning him or something. Anywhich way Chuck stuff seems really interesting in the coming weeks. Finally in the final moments, the moment we all know was irrefutable i.e. "Blair is the one who is pregnant"...i told you so ( i can't help it ;-)] but still it was funny how the writers tried to fool us with decoys in the form of Serena and Dorota...but we all knew the truth, didn't we? Also as a closing note...just a little something on Diana payne and both the characters as well as both the actors...especially Liz hurley-Sexy Cougar-perfect for Diana. All in all a good start to the season, hoping it keeps getting better and better.


One more thing...Did the Music in this episode bother anyone else as much as it bothered me??? I mean my EARS were bleeding, at some of the inappriopriate music playing most of the time in this episode. WOW! even the music...which used to be A grade in Gossip Girl has become painfully horrible, i really don't know What else is left to go downhill in this show ( i can't think of one single thing ) :-(


I think Stephanie savage and CO. are working on some sort of a twisted REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY shit. I mean they think that if they delay from giving us from WHAT WE WANT ACTUALLY...we'll appreciate it even more when we finally get it ( it mainly meaning CHAIR together and kicking for me and in general they are doing this for everything ). Thus they are throwing one obstacle after the other and torturing us in the process...The TPTB of this show are truly SADISTS in the truest sense * RAEG *