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I'm a big Big Bang Theory fan and I rarely find an episode I don't like.
I enjoyed this one well enough and did laugh a few times, I agree the girls parts were funnier, and I think I know why, because it was kinda sad to see the guys get picked on, and Amy's comment about wish fulfillment and comic books with bullied kids is very true. Although the part where the guy in the passing car screams "Nerds" and throws the slushy is hard not to laugh at, though I feel bad for laughing, because its so true, things like that happen to nerds, sad I know some really great, smart, funny geeks and nerds, comic book geeks and computer guys that have added allot to this world, sad people cant just let people be and dress how they want customs of not. As for the Girls Thor argument and understand I am a total geek. I have one beef with the whole Thor argument, The issue of Thor the girls appear to be reading is pretty current. I had stopped reading comics for 20 years or so and just in he last year got back into reading the modern comics and story lines. I know the issue is "Thor God of Thunder" Issues #2 it's part of the new Marvel Now thing and all the issue numbers have started over at # 1 The New Thor story line is perhaps the best comic books I have ever read and I hope this episode gets people to buy this current run of "Thor God of Thunder" With that said, the New Thor run has no mention of the whole who can pick up Thor's Hammer thing in the story line at all. It's about Thor tracking a God Butcher over 3 time periods and never even talks about his hammer and who is worthy to pick it up, although that is always a great geek argument to have and I know for a fact that Captain America has picked it up because it appears to be a worthiness kinda thing. Just FYI for the geeks out there lol

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