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NCIS Sneak Peek: Just Come Home ...

As a long time fan of the show & characters, I feel no sense of closure with the big farewell. CBS blew a chance at a legendary character farewell in television history. I know the writers & producers had little time to re-write the farewell story arc, but man they really screwed the pooch with this one. They easily could have had a Tiva reunion scene, spent more time on Ziva's departure, thrown in a few flashbacks (like they did for Kate) and given a chance for the NCIS family to bid farewell also. After all, this show's character interaction is what carried it to #1. Instead, the most memorable moment was Fornell getting shot in the ass. The main story arc should have ended in episode 3. Makes me think that a Ziva return, either as a guest or permanently, is inevitable. Probably just wishful thinking though. They simply crammed too much into two episodes and didn't do either story arc justice. Wonder how many 1st time viewers will be tuning in next week. Just food for thought...