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Nice episode and I think it's deserve more than one star ,the only thing that bother me that I still don't quite understand the travelers and the doppelgangers storyline . I liked all Enzo's scenes and I really hope that he stay in the show and not getting killed like all the other new characters .
I felt a little nostalgic for season one when I saw Elena in that jacket and the old hairstyle .

About the other side : in season 4 Sails wanted to drop the veil of the other side ,and the in season 5 Qatsia wanted to destroy the other side ,and now the other side is under attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that sometime soon there is gonna be another spin-off called THE OTHER SIDE .

P.S. I miss Katherine a lot .

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When Elijah was standing in the woods looking at Hayley , I felt for the first time that these two can be an amazing couple , I know that there was chemistry between them but in this scene ,Elijah's look was full of passion ,and it make me really want them to be together .


that's a good idea because losing her power it's worse punishment than death for her .