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Great episode, this is the first time I realize how much I liked Kai, watching him is so much fun, I really hope that the merge happen between Luke and Liv because I like Kai and I don't want him to die any soon and I don't want Jo to die either, she and Alaric have amazing chemistry especially when he picked her up from the ground and hugged her ♥♥
I loved all Damon and Elena's scenes and I am so excited to see them fall in love all over again for the rest of the season.
the only thing I despite in the episode is Enzo, I just. don't understand why he's stalking Stefan instead of hanging out with his only friend who is recently came back from the death !!!!
The last few scenes were really well done , good job Paul.

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I am so excited for The Vampire Diaries return , it's been a long six weeks . And the originals and The Flash . Well I am not a big fan of Arrow I watched when I am bored and there's nothing else to watch but I got to say I am actually excited about its return this time . I cant wait to see Felicity and Diggle's reaction about Oliver's death and I am also excited about The Atom .
By the way thanks for the list there some shows in the list I never heard of and I might watch one of them .