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Volume 5 Redemption

It would make more sense if it was tracy since she froze herself into a bunch of pieces and then melted.  As far as Sylar goes they could have easily killed him.  He was tranquilized was he not?  They could have incinerated him or threw him in a volcano or something.  It's guaranteed to get that sweet spot.  The way they did it was stupid as hell and you know that he'll be back.  I swear the writers are morons in the fact that they make characters make stupid irrational decisions all of the time.  Logic NEVER plays a part in their thinking.  I can understand suspension of disbelief, but this is just piss poor, lazy, writing and character developement. 

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Peter Power Evolution

That would be way better than what he's got now.  I can't stand how much of a bitch Peter has become.

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Heroes sucks

I liked volume 3 very much, but 4 fell off mega.  They need to get all the characters involved in each episode, like it was early on.  I hate having to wait 2 or 3 episodes to see my favorite characters.  Peter's old power was way better.  Peter's a loser now, when he used to be one of the best characters.  I like Hiro and Ando, but seriously enough with the stupid conflicts about who's got powers already.  That's getting old.  Sylar is the only character that hasn't fallen off yet, and now they kill him off in some twisted ridiculous way.  This new writer that many people are talking about is making the show worse.  Not better.  If seaon 4 doesn't maintain the same storyline for the whole season I'm not even going to bother watching.  They spent way too much time of each volume developing the basic plot.  Bad move.  The writers are idiots.

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