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Gossip Girl Review: World War Waldorf

As much as I love GG. Yeah, I'm a super big an of this show. Srsly, I've supported you for a couple of years. But this is too much, this episode sucks. Last week, I was a Dair shipper already, but when I saw the Promo for the next episode, I just realized. Nothing can beat Chair. They're really are PLATONIC. Uggh. They remind me, of Izzy and George of Grey's Anatomy. They thought they are perfect for each other, because they're best friends but sadly, they do not have Chemistry. So, I guess same goes with Dair. At the end, they'll just let go of one another. I'm just hoping Chuck would never give up on Blair. Ohh please. Dear writers,
If you don't have anything good to write, try hiring VD writers.No offense but they are way so much better.


I agree with @Jonas, Yeah. I loved the way Dan loves Blair, It's unconditional in spite the way Blair treats her, right? And chuck, come on! This things wouldn't happen if you didn't let go of Blair in the first place? seriously, Blair chose you already, and now Blair's now suffering. I'm a big fan of CHAIR, but Chuck please, next time you're going to decide on things, man it up.

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Serena Wants Dan

Oh, Serena! Stop doing that, You look like a fool already.. Face it, Dan's inlove with Blair now.