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Beatrice B

I love Ugly Betty when Freddy Rodriguez Gio Rossi is around.

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Beatrice b

So much word!! Matt and Betty: they are so boring to watch!!!
And for some weird reason Silvio Horta, ABC and their crew of writers thought it was a wonderful idea to keep feeding it to us next season. This show is doomed!!! People loved Gio Rossi as it was portrayed by Freddy Rodriguez... we hated the love triangle? we hate the fact that Betty can't focus in anything yet and has yet a 6th guy to come and fall in love with her. Can someone tell me what on Earth are thinking?! And why can't they kick Matt out of the show and bring back the real Gio to stay... not to become an "obstacle". Why can't they Rodriguez a regular? Why are they still hiring cheap actors and creating mediocre characters? Did all the good writers/producers got fired back in the writer's strike of 2007-08? ... this is frustrating.