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Gossip Girl Round Table: "High Infidelity"

I think it's incredibly clever to have Serena pitted against Sage - bitter it-girl with absentee parent ... turnbout's fair play, S! (BTW, Wonder if Taylor Swift and her little Kennedy high school sweetheart inspired the Nage storyline?) I was such a huge fan for so long, but Blair for some reason is still a ridiculous caricature of herself, so if this episode didn't mark the turning point for her to become a normal, functioning, non-scheming adult I don't know if I can get invested enough in the rest of the season to enjoy the end of the series :( I just want to see her become the self-possessed, successful businesswoman she ought to be. Ugh! That said, I LOVE Bart... There's a dynamic to the original full cast that is just magic, and this episode gave me a glimmer of hope that we'll see this go out on a high note after all. IF they straighten Blair out.


It's extremely common for first pregnancies to end in miscarriage, so that wouldn't just be a convenient way out for Blair. The assumption is that the baby is Chuck's because of their fling - but birth control can fail easily, and it wouldn't necessarily mean it was Chuck's... I like Louis - he's a good man, and he accepts Blair, and they are growing as people being together. I just hope they don't turn him into a jerk somehow... if anything, my first thought was that she and Louis marry, but he is killed somehow, making Blair single and free again to be with Chuck. Chuck and Blair have to grow up before the writers will put them together at the end of the show, and Blair being a working princess would do that for her - and give her the power and sense of purpose she's been lacking and wanting. She'd come into the relationship with Chuck as an equal at that point. So I'm thinking a miscarriage right before the wedding, the wedding goes forward, Louis's death being the first half season cliffhanger.


The way I see it, the writers have to start each season assuming it will be the show's last, so they have to leave all the characters into a situation by the last episode where they can either fulfill fan's dreams and put Blair and Chuck and Dan and Serena together if the show isn't renewed, or have a viable way to keep them apart another season if it is. That's incredibly difficult!

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They're all friends and they hang out socially, so there's nothing to it anyway, but if (multiple) gossip bloggers are to be believed, Chace is actually gay and the periodic flings with girls are just to keep the fans happy and the closet door shut. 

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NYC Prep - Reality series trying to be as GGish as possible

Just watched the first episode on Hulu. GG rip-offs aside, it's actually kindof sad... One girl wants to pursue a singing career, but her parents stay in the Hamptons and sent her and her brother (16 & 18) to live alone in Manhattan! They're going to bars and trying SO hard to be grown-up... I don't know if it's worse if the parents truly don't know what's going on, or do know and signed their kids up for the show anyway! (I'm guessing all the kids families are "new money" - I can't fathom anyone from old-money UES families doing this.)


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Things you notice in replays

This is a thread for anyone who notices in the writing or dialog "hidden in plain site" nuggets of information that add to the story, or that you missed the first time around. 

Watching episodes again I realized pretty much any piece of paper a character handles has some extra or interesting information about the plot, scene, or person if you read it. Then I started Googling phrases and words and finding fun things.  To get it started, here's a few examples:

1. The Ex-Files, breakfast before the first day of school...

Chuck: This is your year to rule. Why fight it?  Serena: Because I don't want it. Being Queen is Blair's whole thing. Plus, if she needs a eunuch, she knows where to look. Chuck: You may feel differently when the trumpets call.

I thought that couldn't be random dialog, so I googled "...when the trumpets call". And it turns out to be a reference to the Book of Revelation 8:7 - when the trumpets call, it signals it's Judgement Day and the destruction of the earth and mankind! Whoa!

2. Summer, Kind of Wonderful, when Serena walks into Chuck's room...

Serena: This is the first time I've seen you look in the mirror all summer. Here I thought if you did you'd turn to stone. Must be pretty nervous about something if you're willing to take that risk.

I knew she was making a reference to medusa, but my Greek mythology is rusty, so back to Google... "The medusa was an ugly creature. ... Athena was angered and punished her by turning her hair into snakes and cursing her by making her so ugly that who ever lookes at her eyes would turn into stone."  -- http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Creatures/Medusa/medusa.html

3. You've Got Yale, when Blair is meeting with the Dean we see her essay... The first paragraph reads (to the best of my ability):

"A few times in your life, someone will tell you something so right, so deeply true, that it changes you forever. In my experience, this wisdom, perhaps without knowing it, that i have longed to hear about, was the perfection trap(?), the price you pay when you become <unclear>, and the key to setting yourself free. I believe when your success looks good to the world, but doesn't feel good in your heart, it isn't success at all."  

Now it's YOUR turn... What have you found that made YOU say "OMG!"?


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