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Castle Round Table: Passing the Sniff Test

Robin said: "The theme of this season seems to be contrived conflict. " You could end the entire conversation right there. I would add nonsensical and illogical to contrived, but really, that's all that's been going on this season. I can't hate Beckett or Castle because I can't even see what's happening as the show I've watched for 7+ seasons. Like, it's not Beckett and Castle it's some new characters I've never met - just with the same names and played by the same actors. I hate the writing and arcs of season eight and whatever madness has sparked these terrible decisions.
The only ""payoff" I want to see from this is that everything that's happened was just a bad dream of Castle's. Maybe he wakes up and it's the morning of Beckett's first day as Captain! He just had a horrible nightmare about what her becoming captain would lead to. It's the ultimate separation anxiety dream on his part! I would personally be sending gifts of gratitude to the writers if that happened. At least there'd be a chance of my once favorite show getting back on track.

Castle Season 8 Episode 2 Review: XX

That makes sense - if you loved the episode you wouldn't like the review. It would be odd if you said otherwise. Thanks for reading it.

Castle Season 8 Episode 1 Review: XY

Hence Blindspot burned up the ratings. I've seen two sneak peeks now and I'll bet anyone Blindspot stomps Castle again. Blindspot features a strong woman with amazing abilities to take care of herself while in a enormously difficult and emotionally painful situation. Meanwhile Castle is systematically trying to bring down Beckett's character in the name of raising Castle's - rather than just working on his. I've been a Castle fan since I saw my first episode, but this new dynamic they've been doing with Beckett - (which started in 6x23) is a disaster. I really want the show Castle to do better, but it's not surprising people are turning the channel to NBC. If Beckett were still Beckett, the show Castle would be giving Blindspot much stronger competition.