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HI!! I'm from Chile and I'm studying english, I watch the episodes online, the next day they are released. I can't understand how people upload the episodes so fast, any way.. I've became a huge fan of this show! Seriously!!!
And reading your comments, I agree with people who says it wasn't the real Red John, it can't be that easy! Besides, what happened in that scene when Lrouche (I don't know how to write that name) killed the bomb guy, (Gupta, I think) I also realized Lrouche's face was a little scared, I don't know, there was something strange, weird about it...
And I think Red John is after Hightower because she was suppose to be in jail for killing Tod Johnson, but Jane realized she wasn't the real killer and Jane helped her to scape. Am I right? I got confussed again xD I think I'm gonna watch that episode to understand why is Red John after Hightower..
You know what I gotta do to understand the episodes, I need to take notes of the important events xD I'm not a native speaker of English!!! So, sorry if I wrote something wrong !
ooh and.. does anyone think Jane have feelings for Lisbon?? :D

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