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Gossip Girl to Take Six-Week Winter Hiatus

Next week's "The Last Days of Disco Stick" (3.10)
An as-yet untitled episode November 30 (3.11)
"The Debarted," January 4 (3.12)
"Jenny, Full of Grace," January 11 (3.13) Okay this is what I was wondering about. So we will hopefully get episodes 10-13 before the big break in Jan/February. Does anyone know when in March it starts up again? Last year (actually early 2009) the break lasted until March 30th or so, which was a pain.

Dearest Charles

Aw I love this too. Indeed a sweet sentiment for Chuck. :D

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 62

Jonothan: "So this is how you get to the 7th level Mage, beyond Tauren in W.O.W." Eric: "Sweet!" Serena: "So THIS is what Dan does all day on his computer?" Jenny: "Yeah but I'm Sorceress..." Jonothan & Eric: "Really? Sweet, Jenny! Do you want to go with us on our road trip to Medieval Times Restaurant? We have tickets!"