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Gossip Girl to Take Six-Week Winter Hiatus

Next week's "The Last Days of Disco Stick" (3.10)
An as-yet untitled episode November 30 (3.11)
"The Debarted," January 4 (3.12)
"Jenny, Full of Grace," January 11 (3.13) Okay this is what I was wondering about. So we will hopefully get episodes 10-13 before the big break in Jan/February. Does anyone know when in March it starts up again? Last year (actually early 2009) the break lasted until March 30th or so, which was a pain.

Dearest Charles

Aw I love this too. Indeed a sweet sentiment for Chuck. :D

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 62

Jonothan: "So this is how you get to the 7th level Mage, beyond Tauren in W.O.W." Eric: "Sweet!" Serena: "So THIS is what Dan does all day on his computer?" Jenny: "Yeah but I'm Sorceress..." Jonothan & Eric: "Really? Sweet, Jenny! Do you want to go with us on our road trip to Medieval Times Restaurant? We have tickets!"

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Aw love the pics of Ed!  His phpotposhoot was pretty cool, though  thought he seemed a little nervous. :P

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All Things Chair

Emilee do you post elsewhere other than here?  Because because these posts I've made tonight are the first I've made in about 6 months here anyway.

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He tried, but Chuck didn't entirely get away with the Jenny incident.  Yeah he was dumb to sleep with her, but then again at that point he thought Blair would never love him again AND he didn't realize Jenny was a virgin until it was too late.

 I too hate Chuck's loyalty test trick of Blair (setting it up to make her believe she HAD to sleep with Jack, when he just mainly 'testing' her to see if she'd cheat on him?), but the crazy thing is despite doing that he thought he still loved her...and in the end (3.22), she still loved him.    Go figure?

Anyway I just want to see what happens in S4.  GG was never a true bastion of feminism, its just a TV show.

Anyway going rumors about Chuck and Blair separately in S4 are...

-Chuck's relationship with Eva for a few eps.

- Blair trying to join Juliet's club at Columbia.


 -Blair experimenting with a same sex relationship or kiss?

 -Blair having an affair with a professor she doesn't know is married?


  But we'll have to see what actually happens in S4.

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