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Ed in Character

is it just me...or does he look lk he smells really good??
....i know...i'm weird

Who Will She Turn To?

she looks sooooooooo pretty!!!
i'm so jealous..

Gossip Girl Renewed For Season Three!


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The writers are ruining this show! (Spoilers)




i agree, i agree

esp. the whole blair being second best thing, elle's disgusting

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Don't Give Up on Chuck & Blair (Spoilers)

i hate chuck rite now



this whole nanny thing is pissing me off

i'm actually glad blair is getting with nate

...i mean, who are we trying 2 kidd, chuck's an asshole, and he's not good enough 4 blair because he choose random hookers over her...

people who choose random whores over girls who have confessed their love should die

(and blair is 12324567865432x prettier than elle, i mean chuck, have u SEEN her face, or were u just under the influence, i'm sorry, but she's not that pretty...her mouths really big...sorry, elle i mean, not blair)

and thats what he does after ruining her relationship w/ every guy she ever dates X(

he dumps her (F*** U)


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Regarding that Chuck/Nate Video (Spoilers)

i think maybe chuck wants to go in and say something but nate stops him and in the end convinces him not to

and nate has every right 2 get pissed because after all chuck was recently obsessed w/ some random whore and he can't just decide 2 go back 2 blair all of a sudden just because he has nowhere else 2 turn

in my opinion, chuck has no right 2 b mad at nate because if chuck really did love blair then he wouldn't have let her go so easily and nate went out with her after a year of chuck failing 2 win her over

so ya....sry i'm just mad that it took the nanny dumping him 4 chuck 2 realize how important blair was...i'd rather he'd have turned her least then he'd have SOME redeeming qualities

right now i just hope blair completely breaks chuck's heart and destroys him and makes out w/ a ton of different guys right in front of him

and stays happy w/ nate 4 a while cuz rite now i'm HATING on chuck

i'm an ex-chair fan :) (unless the new episodes can revive my love 4 them and MAYBE i can overlook this whole nanny-chapter)

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